New technology won’t replace real estate agents, but those agents who don’t embrace tech will be left in the dust of those who do.

Many real estate agents in the industry worry about computers taking away our jobs. Those agents who do not embrace technology will indeed be replaced—not by technology, but rather by those agents that do embrace the technology. Our jobs are completely based on human interaction, and this technology helps us do our jobs more effectively and efficiently.

The true focus of everything we do is getting voice to voice interaction to set appointments and face to face interaction to help get a home sold or purchased. Technology will never be able to do that. It will help the process, but it can’t replace a human expert.

I know a lot of agents are fearful and confused about the increasing technology, and they don’t think they can keep up. Stop saying “I can’t,” and start asking “How can I?”

“People were scared about the internet at first, too.”

The first place to start would be looking at the four areas of your business: lead generation, lead conversion, client follow up, and marketing. That’s it.

In this confusing time, it’s important you embrace technology. People were scared and confused about the internet at first, too.

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