If your leads aren’t converting enough, these three tips can help.
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Why aren’t more of your leads converting? I’m sharing three ways to ensure you get more leads. It all comes down to what you need to know, need to do, and need to have:

1. What you need to know: Use a database to organize your leads. You need to know who your leads are and have a place to put them. In case you’re unfamiliar with it, a database is where all client information is kept in a secure place; you need to have it somewhere.

2. What you need to do: Contact your database at least once a week. Keep them up to date, whether it’s with a phone call, text, or email with helpful content.

3. What you need to have: Technology that gives them what they want. Everyone lives somewhere, which means they are either going to buy a home or already own one and will eventually need to sell. So provide information that they have in common. If they own a home, send them data on home values in their area—there are automated ways to do that. Your MLS likely has that, which can connect your database to what they need.

If they’re looking to buy, send what they might be looking for. Again, look to your MLS. Here at RE/MAX Action, we’ve combined the MLS and our database into one powerful tool.

“It all comes down to what you need to know, do, and have.”

If you’re interested in how we do these three things or what technology we use, call, email, or text me. I would love to help you convert more leads.