Here are my three best tips for converting leads into closed transactions.
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These are my three key tips to convert suspects (aka leads) into closed transactions:

1. Use a calendar. Hopefully, a suspect has provided you an email and a phone number, and you usually contact them right away. However, you may forget to reach out again in the future. So, as soon as you get their information, write it down in your calendar and schedule a time to call or text them again. If you don’t have their number, at the very least, send them a personal email.

2. Provide new listings and market surveys. If they’re a buyer lead, provide them with the newest listings at a rate of one per week—any more than this may overwhelm them and push them away. If they’re a seller suspect (or they’re a buyer but you’re unsure if they’re also a seller), provide them with an area market survey. Particularly if you know a specific town or area they’re looking in, send them that survey, which is available through your MLS. These surveys will include what homes are selling for, what has come on and off the market, and anything else relevant to that market.

“Learn to use the technology available to you.”

3. Use connectMLS. We’re a mobile society; we live on our phones. This is one of the most valuable tools you can use because it automates your systems and obtains relative housing information. It can be customized to fit your needs.

Extra tip: Learn to use the technology available to you, as it’s designed to keep you from getting bogged down in all the tiny details. Some of you may feel you don’t want to use more technology, but it’s easy, and you’re already using your phone all day anyway. Find the systems that work for you, have the most to offer, and are affordable. I can help you find these if you’re interested, and I’ll also share which ones we’re using on our team.

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