How documenting your systems will help you be prepared for anything.


What’s your system in this shifting market? A system is just a documented way of doing something. The basic four areas that real estate agents should have systems for are lead generation, lead conversion, follow-up, and marketing. In this shifting market, I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to take some time and look at what you do in each one of those areas.

For now, let’s look at listing, which falls under lead conversion. Let’s say you already have the lead, and your listing presentation is scheduled. Remember that preparation is key. We all fall into habits and have ways of doing things, but it’s important to write down what you’re going to cover. 

“Documenting your systems will help you be prepared for anything.”

This preparation will also help you get ready for seller objections, which will come more often in an uncertain market like this one. Just make sure to learn from others and gain all the knowledge that you can. Differentiate yourself from the competition. I have written before about how to handle objections, and you can access those materials by clicking here to go to my blog.

This preparation is why documenting your systems is so important. I encourage you to take some time once a day to look at those different areas and start to document what it is you do, putting it in writing. Then you’ll be ready for anything. 

If you have any questions about this or if I can help in any way, just email, call, or text me! I would be happy to hear from you.