These are the five main reasons why people choose to sell their homes.

There are many reasons why homeowners don’t want to sell their homes, but there are five specific reasons why most of them do want to sell:

  1. Their home no longer meets their needs.
  2. They want to make a profit in the current market.
  3. They want a smaller house with less work.
  4. They want to live closer to friends and family.
  5. They want different features and amenities.

To know what these sellers are thinking, you need to be their trusted advisor. You have a gold mine in your phone, but are you mining it? Are you calling the people in your database? If you’re not, start now.

Make sure you at least touch base with them, because if they’re thinking about moving, they’re thinking about one of the five items in the list I mentioned above. Understand, ask questions, and try to discover where they’re at as a homeowner. Most agents will not do that simple task.

“You have a gold mine in your phone, but are you mining it?”

Stay tuned for my next video where I’ll cover the biggest objections from home sellers, aka “What’s holding them back?”

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