Here are three traits every agent needs to become successful.

What makes an agent successful? It’s a complicated question, but I believe there are three fundamental traits that every successful agent has. Today I want to share them with you:

The three fundamental traits are persistence, determination, and commitment. I won’t bore you by going over each one individually. Instead, I encourage you to download this message from Calvin Coolidge on the importance of these traits. These words spoke to me when I first started my real estate career in 1987, and I hope they have the same impact on you today.

“Without the proper guidance, you can put in a ton of effort and never succeed.”

The truth is that real estate is a tough business, but you probably already know that. Without these three traits, you won’t last long. However, there’s more to the picture than that. I’ve seen plenty of agents who have persistence, determination, and commitment in spades, but they still can’t seem to find success. Without the proper guidance on how to use these traits, you could put in a whole lot of effort and never become successful.

If you have these three traits but feel directionless in your real estate career, please reach out to me. Don’t worry; this isn’t a recruiting call. Instead, I want to help put you on the right path toward success. I won’t mislead you; this isn’t a quick fix to find success. Everyone is trying to sell agents the fast, new, and easy way to find success, but the reality is that the quick and easy path doesn’t exist.

The first thing every agent needs is mental strength and a reason why they’re doing what they do. If you call or email me, I can help you apply your persistence, determination, and commitment—there’s no obligation. I look forward to hearing from you.