Here’s a simple, powerful listing strategy for your day-to-day grind.
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One of the biggest challenges those in our profession face right now is getting listings. Here are three surefire ways to do it, regardless of the circumstances:

1. Set a daily goal to focus on and keep you motivated. Keep it simple; when you wake up to face the day, your goal should be to find a listing that’s not already on the market and get it on the market. I’m not talking about prospecting or getting leads—those are suspects whose incubation period can be up to 13 months. Where do we get the ‘now’ business? You know the answer: The people who know, like, and trust you.

2. Make a daily goal for the number of conversations you need to have. We know to calculate the weekly number by looking at the following: listings sold per listings taken per listing appointments scheduled per conversations had. That weekly number, of course, then breaks down into a daily number.

3. Use an app to identify potential business opportunities and track your daily goals. Technology doesn’t have to be confusing or hard to work. There are apps out there that make our lives easier via artificial intelligence—a big word that basically means everything we do online gets tracked and stored as data, and this data can be used for many things. The right apps can use data points from our database (i.e., our phone, email, and social media contacts) to give us a clue as to who’s most likely thinking about moving soon. Keeping track of your conversations via the app only takes five to 15 minutes a day, and gives you a better understanding of potential seller sentiments within your database.

Here at RE/MAX Action, we provide agents with an app that can get the job done. Our agents can be more effective in less time and generate more of the ‘now’ business they seek.

“Technology doesn’t have to be confusing or hard to work.”

If you’d like to know the specific app that we have and how exactly we use it, just call, email, or text me anytime and I’d be more than happy to get you that information. I look forward to talking to you!