Two critical actions for agents to take during inflationary periods.

Recession and inflation have thrown a wrench in the gears of a lot of people’s plans, real estate agents included. However, your business can still thrive in inflationary times. Here are two critical actions you must take if you want to maintain a healthy real estate business in this period of uncertainty:

1. Adopt a positive mindset. Real estate provides a wide range of fantastic benefits for you and your clients, even during a recession. Many media outlets have been churning out negative rumors about the state of the market, and that has a lot of people worried. To pierce through the hype, brush up on the latest market stats to provide clarity to your nervous clients.

“Sending out positive messages about the market can highlight existing opportunities and differentiate you from other agents.”

2.Have more conversations. Now more than ever, you need to have open, positive discussions with your clients and database. After all, now is still a great time to buy and sell a home, but all the uncertainty we’re facing in other areas has caused people to hesitate. Sending out positive messages about what’s going on in the market can highlight these opportunities and differentiate you from other agents in the market.

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