Tips for goal-setting and achieving the things you set out to do.

Happy New Year! Are you ready for 2023? Now is the time to take the bull by the horns and reach that next level. Here are the three things you need to thrive in 2023:

1. A written plan. If it’s going to get done, it needs to be in writing. Determine your volume goal, how many transactions it will take to reach that volume goal, what your profit at the end of the year is, and finally set a goal for the number of appointments. Now, you might know how many appointments you need to go on to actually have a closed listing. A good rule of thumb in this market is it’s going to take three appointments to have one closed deal.

“Display your goals visually.”

2. Proactive and intentional action steps. What will you do? What will you commit to? What are the marketing pieces you’ll use? Maybe mailers, videos, and social media posts. Where is your business coming from? What works? What doesn’t? Do more of what does, and eliminate what doesn’t. Take the proven and time-tested action steps that work.

3. Be consistent. Whatever you do needs to be measurable, and you need to stay accountable. Consistency over time is the key. Track your action steps in writing and commit to them. You will see results if you’re accountable to yourself. Display your goals visually at home, at your office, in your car, and in your pocket.

2023 offers a huge opportunity for those who have a plan. If you need any help or input, reach out to me by phone or email. I’d love to help you.