Use the resources available to you to maximize your success.


Today we’re going to solve the two greatest challenges that real estate agents face: not enough time and not enough money. I live by the slogan, “There are no problems, only challenges and solutions,” so let’s look at the solution:

Stay in the dollar-productive activities. This applies to everything in the real estate industry, but when you have more conversations with more people, it leads to more appointments, transactions, and ultimately more money.

You accomplish this through leverage, which means taking advantage of the technology and people you already have. You have a calendar, a phone, some staff, and a database; use them! I’m sure you have these tools; no brokerage wants to see you fail. I know we don’t here.

If you’re still unsure how to act on this, I’ve put together a free download to show you how we use leverage to take advantage of our resources. Start today to really aspire and attain that goal you’re looking to hit every year.

If you need any help, that’s why I’m here. Call, text, or email me, and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions.