Here’s how you should handle multiple-offer situations.
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A lot of agents are struggling with competing against multiple offers right now. Here are three ways that you can come out on top:

1. Build rapport. It’s critical in this relationship-based business to have a good rapport with other agents, coworkers, and everyone else in the industry. We’re benevolent adversaries. We represent different sides of the transaction, but we all have the same goal in the end. From the very start, be courteous, professional, and communicative.

“You aren’t trying to drive your client’s price up, you’re just looking out for their best interests.”

2. Find out what the seller wants. Call their agent and use the rapport you’ve built to talk to them about what the seller is looking for in an offer before you even write it. Then you can tailor your offer to give you a much better chance of being accepted.

3. Have the proper dialogue down. Part of what you need to have is the right words. The latter approach works well. Once you know the price they’re looking for, say something like this: “If I came back to you tomorrow and said they accepted another offer for $1,000 more, could you live with that? See what their reaction and response is. You’re not trying to drive them up in price, you’re just looking out for their best interests in a competitive market.

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