Following these three tips is a sure way to generate business.

Today I will share three time-tested actions that will always get you business. Let’s take a look at what these three are:

1. A CMA a day. This is so simple yet so effective. Make a call to your clients, past clients, and your sphere of influence. Explain to them your commitment, and keep them up to date on what their value is. Maybe once every this time of the year, send out just a one- or two-page but comprehensive market update. While you’re at it, schedule them for automated monthly market reports. Now you need to explain this so that they know this will be coming via email. So while you’ve gone on the phone, confirm their email. There are numerous tools to automate this process. It’s old school meets technology because we’ve been doing this. I’ve been doing this for decades.

“Three time-tested actions that will always get you business.”

2. Consistent monthly mailer. In all this technology stuff, when we mail something out, snail mail still gets past the gate guard. You notice it every time you go to your mailbox, so be consistent and commit to it. Also, don’t forget to budget for it. Send it to your past clients and your sphere of influence. If you have a geographic farm, this has to be consistent. It will keep you top of mind with the people. It shows you are professional, and is part of the strategy of not being a secret agent.

3. Daily calls. Take your list of people. Start with your past clients and your sphere of influence. Call them. I bet you’ll find someone who likes you and appreciates the call. If they don’t, remove them from your database. What you want is to talk with people who want to talk with you. While you’re at it, confirm their email. Let them know that you’re really keeping them up to date on market values on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Again, there’s not a lot of rocket science to this, but we have to be proactive, intentional, and consistent in our message. So if you need any specifics on any of that, how to do it, what technologies to use, and what services, I’ve got all that at my fingertips. Call, email, or text me. I’d be happy to reach out to you, and give you that information.