The deeper you know your target market, the greater the number of leads you’ll generate.

To highlight the importance of knowing your target market, I’ll summarize a recent conversation I had with an agent who didn’t invest in social media because she was targeting a senior-age market.

Basically, she argued that since she was actively involved in a retirement/assisted-living community and garnered plenty of referrals that way, it wasn’t necessary for her to use social media as a part of her business strategy; people 80 years old and up aren’t active on social media.

While I agreed that being involved in a community or organization is always a solid approach to lead generation, I suggested that the real target for her in the senior market was the kids who help their elderly parents make decisions—people around 45 to 60 years old.

“Using Facebook can help you better understand and connect with your real target market.”

That demographic is actually very active on Facebook, so having a presence there creates a huge opportunity. Using this platform can help you better understand and connect with your real target market, and there are even several ways to restructure your targets within Facebook.

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