This is your wake-up call about reaching your 2021 business goals.

I’m apologizing ahead of time because I’m going to give you a kick in the teeth you may need. Today I’m discussing your 2021 goals.

You need to take a look at your main goal and ask yourself, “Am I on track to achieve my goal by the end of the year?” You only have about four months left to achieve your goal, so if you’re not on track to reach it, you aren’t spending enough time in the four dollar-producing activities of listing, selling, negotiating, and prospecting. If you’re currently thinking to yourself, “I do this full time, but it’s such a wacky market!” I have a couple of questions you should ask yourself.

Are you uploading, downloading, and creating? You’re not going to make money doing those things because they’re not dollar-productive activities. How much time are you spending with buyers? You should be focusing on growing your career, which means working with listings and sellers.

“You only have about four months left to achieve your goal.”

You need voice to voice to get a face to face appointment. You want to target sellers because on average, one buyer will take up 32 hours of your time, while a seller will only take up eight. We’ve discussed only working with qualified buyers in the past, and they’re those who also have a home to sell. If you’re focused on speaking with sellers every day, the majority of them will also buy a home.

My goal today was to rattle your cage, get you back on track, and help you hit your goal. If you’re not on track to reach your goal by the end of 2021, we need to talk.

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