There are three types of activities every real estate agent should know.

With each passing day, more tasks seem to require your attention in the real estate business, but how do you prioritize them all? The first step in creating a clear path to success in the industry is to separate your daily tasks into three essential categories: vital activities, relevant activities, and irrelevant activities. Here’s what I mean:

1. Vital activities. These are the tasks that you must do every day. We call them the dollar-productive activities. They directly impact your business and the income you generate.

2. Relevant activities. Whether you’ve taken a listing with a seller or are working with a buyer, these are the activities that you must delegate; they still need to get done, but they’re not dollar productive.

3. Irrelevant activities. These are the things that must be ignored. Despite all my years in real estate, it still amazes me how many agents who aren’t generating the income they want spend all of their time in this business doing tasks that are frankly unnecessary. Check your to-do list; have you been wasting time?

Here at RE/MAX Action, we structure our business around the 47 vital listing activities and the 47 vital buyer activities. We’ve compiled these activities into a resource booklet, and it’s a gold mine of information—a helpful tool to give you direction on what, exactly, you need to be doing with your time in every circumstance. This resource is the product of not only my experience but the experiences of thousands of agents who have collectively navigated thousands of transactions.

“We structure our business around the 47 vital listing activities and the 47 vital buyer activities.”

I’d be happy to share this document with you so you can get a sense of how we stay laser-focused here at RE/MAX Action. Just reach out via the links on our website, or give me a call, text, or email, and I’ll get it out to you right away.

If you have questions about this or any other real estate topic, I’d love to hear about those, too. As always, go list and sell a house, my friend!