Three talking points to help convince your sellers to list their homes.


You’ve seen top-producing agents secure with listing after listing—what’s their secret? What are they saying to their sellers to encourage them to list? Today I’ll share the three main talking points you need to share with your sellers if you want to increase the number of listings you get:

1. In any recession, property values increase. Unlike gas, groceries, and other goods, home prices tend to rise during inflationary periods. Real estate truly is the best hedge against inflation.

2. New home construction isn’t meeting demand. There are 14 million newly formed households in the U.S. that want to buy a house, but there’s a shortage of around 4 million new construction homes in the market. That means if your clients sell their homes, buyers will compete for those properties as long as they’re priced well and in good condition.

“Real estate truly is the best hedge against inflation.”

3. Homes are still appreciating. Home appreciation has historically been at least 6%, but some markets have seen even higher rates. If your client needs a reason to move up, think of it this way:” If they own a $250,000 home that appreciates by 20%, they’ve made $50,000. If they move up to a $500,000 house that appreciates by 20%, they’ve gained $100,000. That’s more equity for your client to use as a hedge against rising prices caused by inflation.

To help you dive a little deeper into today’s topic, here are a few slides you can download to illustrate to your seller why now is such a good time to list their home. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email me. I’d love to help you.